Hany Rizk

UX Design & Product Strategy

MSc in Human-Computer Interaction

As a user experience designer, my job is to understand your common, everyday problems and use technology to come up with seamlessly elegant solutions for them.

As a product manager, I set the vision and roadmap of a digital product based on user feedback and business requirements, and manage the product development process.

I mix the best of both worlds by giving utmost importance to the user experience, and rationally deciding on which features to build and when to ship them.

I have built and launched multiple products at different startups I’ve worked for. I have also given talks on user experience and product management at numerous conferences and meet-ups, and still enjoy doing so.

In 2013 and 2014, I co-organized Euro IA, Europe’s leading information architecture and user experience conference.
I've also co-founded a health and fitness startup called Somuchmore, raised a VC seed round for it, and headed its product and user experience teams.

I have experience designing and building products for web, mobile, desktop, E-ink, and even fighter jet cockpit displays.
However, my approach is never dictated by thinking in terms of screens, but rather by embracing the typical process and leveraging the device’s technology to solve the problem or improve an existing solution.

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